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    1. Adult Diaper Production Line
    2. Design speed:
      Full-servo adult diaper production line: 300pcs/min
      Semi-servo adult diaper production line: 250pcs/min
      Full-automatic adult diaper production line: 200pcs/min
    1. Disposable Panty Liner Production Line
    2. Equipment Functions & Parameters
      A high level of automation saves time and labor costs. Allows upgrade as per customers requirements.
      PLC system features an ergonomic design. An optional kit is available for production data storage.
      Compatible with vision system for live monitoring and check of product size, location, defect, missing items, etc.
    1. Disposable Underpad Production Line
    2. Can produce 3-ply (PE film, fluff pulp, non-woven fabrics) or 5-ply (PE film, bottom-layer tissue, fluff pulp, top-layer tissue, non-woven fabrics) mattress pad & pet training pad, at high speed.
    1. Quarterfold Wiper Machinery
    2. he quarterfold wiper machine takes embossed 2-ply tissue paper and cuts it standard-size wipers. Infinitely variable speed control is able to change the rewinding speed of a rotary drum around which continuous sheets of paper can be rewound.
    1. Paper Napkin Folding Machine (1-6 colors)
    2. The automatic paper napkin folding machine mainly produces square or rectangular paper napkins. It takes slit paper rolls, and runs them through calendering, color printing, embossing and folding processes.
    1. Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder
    2. The jumbo roll slitter rewinder is the machine of choice for the paper converting industry. It unwinds, slits, cuts, and rewinds rolls of toilet paper, air-laid paper, and non-woven fabrics.
    1. Color Printing and Rewinding Machine
    2. The jumbo roll printing and rewinding machine uses an offset printing process to apply water-based inks to jumbo rolls . Print colors need to be specified by customers.
    1. Stacking Machine
    2. Stacking height: 10-50 pieces, dual stack exit. The stacking height is preset to a specific piece count that matches the speed of the in-line packaging machine. Compression ratio: 50%-70%. The most suitable stacker vane should be chosen according to the type of product to be stacked and the folding method customers desire.

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