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Paper Napkin Folding Machine (1-6 colors)

Model No.: PX-CJZ-(CY)ZD 200-400
Product Name: Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine (1-6 colors)

Automatic Paper Napkin Folding Machine (with 1-6 colors printing system)

Functions and Characteristics
1. The automatic paper napkin folding machine mainly produces square or rectangular paper napkins. It takes slit paper rolls, and runs them through calendering, color printing, embossing and folding processes. Of special note is the 1-6 colors printing unit, allowing two inks colors to be printed on the napkin, delivering accurate color registration and steady, high-speed printing. Various visually appealing patterns and logos can be printed. The result is clear, crisp printed images. Suitable for high-end paper napkins.
2. Flexographic printing allows quick changeover of print patterns. Anilox rolls are used for a professional look.
3. Calendering rollers are counter-rotating steel-to-rubber rollers. Embossing rollers offer a choice of felt rollers, wool rollers or rubber rollers.
4. The unwinding unit of our paper napkin folder comes with step-less speed control and electronic counter. It operates in sync with the rest part of the folding machine.

Main Technical Parameters
Model No.: PX-CJZ-(CY)ZD 200-400 (type)
Jumbo Roll Size: ≤Φ1100mm
Speed: 0-140 m/min (or as required)
Finished Products Size(mm): 200×200-400×400 (Please specify the size.)
Folded size(mm): 100×100-200×200±2 (Width is adjustable.)
Color Printing: Flexographic printing, 1-6 colors as required
Printing Speed 0-120m/min
Embossment System: Steel to paper roller, steel to felt roller, steel to rubber roller, steel to steel roller
Overall Dimensions (m): 4.5×1.0×1.5-6.2×1.2×2
Machine Weight: 1500kg-2800kg

  • Paper Napkin
  • Packed paper napkin
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