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Paper Roll Slitter Rewinder

Model No.: PX-WSZ-FQ 1760
(PX-WSZ-FQ 1092/1575/2200/2500/2800)
Product Name: Cutting and Rewinding Machine

Brief Description
1. The jumbo roll slitter rewinder is the machine of choice for the paper converting industry. It unwinds, slits, cuts, and rewinds rolls of toilet paper, air-laid paper, and non-woven fabrics. Slitting widths and the number of rolls to be slit are adjustable as per customer requirements. Finished paper products include the paper napkin, facial tissue, sanitary pad, and non-woven wet wipe, etc.
2. Customizable options include the perforating, embossing and rewinding units which need to be purchased separately when it comes to producing small rolls of paper hand towels.

Main Technical Parameters
Model No.: 1092/1575/1760/2200/2500/2800
Jumbo Roll Width: 1350/1750/1900/2150/2400/2750
Finished Product Diameter(mm): ≤Φ1200
Slitting Width (mm): Adjustable
Speed: 150-200 m/min
Jumbo Roll Unwind Stand: 1, 2, or 3 unwinding positions
Pneumatic System: 3HP air-compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa (Prepared by customers.)
Overall Dimensions (mm): 6000×1800×1200~6200×3200×1200
Machine Weight: 1500-3000kg

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