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Toilet Paper and Kitchen Towel Packing Line

Model No.: PX-RW300
Product Name: Full Servo High-speed Toilet Paper / Kitchen Paper Towel Automatic Packing Line

High-Speed, Full-Servo Toilet Paper/Kitchen Paper Towel Packing Line

Brief Description
1. The toilet paper and kitchen paper towel packing line adopts the most advanced servo drive, PLC system, and operator interface to come along in years. This packaging machine can operate non-stop, delivering a high level of stability and efficiency.
2. Consists of the rewinding and perforating unit, conveying unit, accumulator, log saw, and packaging unit.
3. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 20000×8000×3040mm

Main Technical Parameters
Accumulator Machine
Model No.: 2200, 2800
Paper Roll Length: ≤2200mm, 2200mm Paper Roll Diameter: Maximum, 150mm; Minimum, 90mm
Accumulator Storage Volume: 130pcs, or as required
Accumulator Speed: 25 rolls/min.
Installed Power: 2 .2KW

Paper web width: 1800mm-2800mm
Paper roll outer diameter: Φ2m (or as specified)
Paper roll inner diameter: 3inch (76mm) (or as specified)
Design speed: 300m/min.
Regular speed: 260m/min.
Finished product outer diameter: maximum, 150mm; minimum, 90mm
Perforation pitch: 4 perforations, 90-180mm; 2 perforations, 180-360mm. Adjustable pitch
Finished paper roll inner diameter: maximum, 50mm; minimum, 38mm.
Raw material: 14-30gsm toilet paper roll or kitchen paper towel
Installed power: 65KW (depending on the specific model)
Control system: PLC system
Servo motor: Mitsubishi
Specs setting: via touch-screen
Conveyor: Synchronous belt, flat belt

High-Speed Saw
Model No.: LC150(2200); LC150 (2800)
Paper Roll Length: ≤2200mm; 2200mm Number of Lanes: Double-lane log saw
Paper Roll Diameter: Φ90mm-Φ150mm (standard size: 110±5mm)
Cutoff Length: 60-300mm (variable length, servo control)
Cutting Accuracy: ±1mm
Speed: 120cuts/min., 2rolls/cut
Grinding System: Automatic grinding system, specs set on the touch screen.
Knife Diameter: Φ610mm
Installed Power: 12KW

1. 2 or 3 unwind stands
2. Steel to steel or rubber to steel embossing
3. Print colors: 1-2

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