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Stacking Machine

Fully Servo Driven Automatic Stacker

Model No.: PX-DDJ-SF
Full-Servo Automated Stacking System

Functions & Parameters of Automatic Stacker
1. Stacking height: 10-50 pieces, dual stack exit. The stacking height is preset to a specific piece count that matches the speed of the in-line packaging machine. Compression ratio: 50%-70%. The most suitable stacker vane should be chosen according to the type of product to be stacked and the folding method customers desire.
2. Full servo drive comes with an individual automatic controller which allows operators to preset the stacking piece count. It consists mainly of a servo motor driven by a high-precision pneumatic cylinder.
3. The entire stack will be turned over by the conveyor belt to stand on its side and sent onto arrays of vanes for a sort-out. The feed conveyor is fitted with a photoelectric switch that keeps count of how many pieces have been fed into the system. This piece counting function facilitates the subsequent sort-out process.
4. This servo stacker can be connected to an automatic bagging machine where the items are put in a bag and then sealed. Operators can also put the bag at the exit of the automatic stacker so when the items are discharged from the stacking system, they go directly into the bag.
5. Production Speed: 25 bags/min.

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