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Quarterfold Wiper Machinery

Model No.: PX-CJZ-FJ1092-1575
Product Name: Quarterfold Wiper Machine

Brief Description of Quarterfold Wiper Machine
The quarterfold wiper machine takes embossed 2-ply tissue paper and cuts it standard-size wipers. Infinitely variable speed control is able to change the rewinding speed of a rotary drum around which continuous sheets of paper can be rewound. A clutch is fitted on the quaterfold wiper machine so that the cutting speed matches that of the rewinder. An electronic counter is used to count how many layers have been wound.

Features of Quarterfold Wiper Slitter Rewinder
1. Stepless steep control (also called infinitely variable speed control) alters the unwinding speed to adjust web tension.
2. Different units work in sync and can accelerate or decelerate instantly.
3. Point to point double embossing is available upon request.

Technical Parameters
Model No.: PX-CJZ-FJ1575
Finished product size (mm): 230×180 (or as required)
Raw material size (mm): Φ1200×1750
Production capacity: 2 tons/work shift
Power (slitter included): 8KW
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H): 7×2.5×2.5m
Machine Weight: 1250kg

Model No.: PX-CJZ-FJ1092
Finished product size (mm): 230×180 (as required)
Raw material size (mm): ≤Φ1000×1350
Production capacity: 1.5 tons/work shift
Power (slitter included): 7.5KW
Dimensions (L×W×H): 7×1.8×2.5m
Machine weight: 1100kg

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