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Pocket Tissue Machinery

    1. Mini Pocket Tissue Machine
    2. Mini Pocket Tissue Machine
      Vacuum pick-up to aid in folding facial tissues into a small pocket size that is easy to carry in one's pocket.
      Each facial tissue is embossed with visually appealing patterns.
      Steady, fast operation yields facial tissues stacked in a neat fashion. Tissue length: 68mm~110mm
    1. Pocket Tissue Packing Machine
    2. Pocket Tissue Packing Machine
      The pocket tissue packing machine features a PLC, operator interface, and infinitely variable speed control (variable frequency drive) for steady, automated operation.
    1. Pocket Tissue Production Line
    2. Pocket Tissue Production Line
      The pocket tissue machine uses advanced servo drive, PLC system, and touch-screen display for precise positioning and a high level of automation.

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