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Mini Pocket Tissue Machine

Model No.: PX-SPZ-(CY)ZD210
Product Name: Mini Pocket Tissue Machine

Features of Mini Pocket Tissue Machine
1. Vacuum pick-up to aid in folding facial tissues into a small pocket size that is easy to carry in one's pocket.
2. Each facial tissue is embossed with visually appealing patterns.
3. Steady, fast operation yields facial tissues stacked in a neat fashion. Tissue length: 68mm~110mm
4. Products available with 1-4 color prints (patterns or logos)

Main Technical Parameters
Model No.: PX-SPZ-(CY)ZD200/210
Finished products size(mm): 210(L)×210(W)±2mm (Other sizes can be ordered.)
Folded products size (mm): A. L×W =75×52mm, B. L×W =105×52mm
Jumbo roll size: roll width as per machine model
Roll diameter≤1100mm 13~15g/m2 (3-ply facial tissue) 16~20g/m2(2-ply facial tissue)
Folding speed: 500~550 pcs/min
Power: 5kw (380V, 50Hz)
Vacuum system power: 3KW
Embossing roller: Steel to rubber, steel to steel (ordered separately)
Overall dimensions (m): L×W×H=3.5×1.0×1.5m
Machine weight: 1.0T

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