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Facial Tissue Box Sealing Machine

Model No.: PX-ZMJZ-FH50
Product Name: Automatic Facial Tissue Box Sealing Machine

Brief Description
The automatic facial tissue box sealing machine is designed and built for sealing a variety of packing boxes. Advanced electromechanical technologies provide for steady performance and easy operation, meeting demanding specifications typically found in similar foreign units. This packaging box sealing machine is the equipment of choice when packing efficiency and quality is a primary concern.

Main Technical Parameters
Model No.: PX-ZMJZ-FH50 (type)
Finished products size(L×W×H): (100~290)×(70~150)×(45~120) mm
Output speed: 40~50 boxes/min
Power & Voltage: 0.5~0.8kw (220V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 1.2×1.0×1.6m
Machine weight: 200kg

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