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Facial Tissue Machine (Pop-Up Box)

Model No.: PX-MJZ-CS (180-210)/(2-10)
Product Name: Automatic Pop-up Facial Tissue Machine

Brief Description of Pop-up Facial Tissue Machine
1. Adopts a vacuum pick-up and robotic arm to aid in folding.
2. Comes with an electronic counter and pneumatic stacker for stacking the facial tissue to a preset stack count. Protection for web breakage stoppage is provided as well.
3. The unwind stand provides accurate edge alignment between adjacent tissue layers. The web's edge is tracked automatically via an electronic eye to rectify any deviation during unwinding.
4. Edge embossing uses individually air powered embossing rollers that are as durable as they are functional. The edge embossing rollers clamp down on the edges of a multi-ply facial tissue so that adjacent layers don't come apart.
5. The horizontal unwinder conveys paper on a wide, pneumatically powered belt. Each roll of tissue has an individual tension adjustment device as well as a pneumatic loading system.
6. Options: PLC, VFD, electromagnetic speed regulation, color printing or color coating roller.

Main Technical Parameters of Facial Tissue Machine
Model No.: PX-MJZ-CS(180-210) /(2-10)
Finished products size(mm): 180/210×210mm (Adjustable width) (Custom sizes available.)
Jumbo roll size (mm): width 420/630/840/1050/1260/1470/1680/1890/2100
12~18g/m2×2 (ply) Jumbo roll diameter ≤1200mm
Machine speed: 1200~6000 tissues/min (depending on the number of logs)
Embossing roller: Steel to rubber roller, steel to steel embossing roller, steel to felt roller, steel to paper roller.
Edge embossing: Steel to steel roller, individually controlled
Machine power: 9kw/16kw/35kw, (380V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions: L×W×H =7× (1.2~2.1) ×1.8m
Machine weight: 2~6T

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