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Wet Wipe Folding and Packing Machine, 1-3 Pieces

Model No.: PX-SJZ-LX(1-3)
Product Name: 1-3 Pieces Fully-Auto Wet Wipes Folding and Packing Machine

Brief Description
1. PX-SJZ-LX (1-3) is a fully automatic wet towel production line that unwinds, folds, wets, cuts, cross-folds, and stacks wet wipes before finished products make their way to the packing machine. Since all processes are completed on the machine, it speeds production and is more hygienic than a process requiring the use of hands.
2. A robotic arm is used to pick up the paper precisely and fast. A specially designed cutter, available with spiral threads, is utilized to offer quiet cutting operation and extended use.
3. Horizontal sealing and cut-off operations save adhesives and allow easy maintenance of tools.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: 380V 50HZ
2. Total power: 6KW
3. Production speed: single piece : 80~150 packs/min 2 pieces : 40~90 packs/min
4. Product size (unfolded): (120~260)×(150~200) mm (L×W)
5. Product size (folded): (60~130)×(50~80) mm (L×W)
6. Control system: PLC control system, touch screen
7. Suitable material: Spunlace non-woven fabrics
8. Raw material specs: 40~80 g/m2
9. Raw material dimensions: (150~200)×Ф1000 mm (W×D)
10. Machine weight: 1800 kg
11. Machine size: 5400×1000×1600 mm (L×W×H)

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