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Wet Wipe Production Line, 30-120 Pieces

Model No.: PX-SJZ-ZDBZ(30-120)
Product Name: 30-120 Pieces Full Auto Wet Wipe Production Line

Brief Description
1. PX-SJZ-ZDBZ(30-120) is a fully automatic wet wipes production line. It slits paper rolls into smaller widths directly without complicated unwinding and rewinding operations. Slit paper is folded, treated with wipe solutions, cut to length, counted, stacked, and conveyed to the packaging machine for end-of-line operations.
2. This complete wet wipes production system offers a fast, hygienic way of mass producing wet wipes in packs. The folding machine can work in conjunction with the packaging machine for continuous production of regular wet wipe products, or they can run separately when used to produce customized wet wipes. Maximum profitability and efficiency is guaranteed either way.
3. Desirable functions include bag making, gusset insertion, color coding, auto tracking (by means of electronic eye), roller printing, punching, and label application. Tear-resistant labels can also be applied to the wet wipe on our wet wipes production line.
3. Standard arrangement: arranged in a straight line.
4. Options
I. The wet wipe machinery can be arranged parallel with or at 180 degrees apart from the packaging machine.
II. Glue is sprayed between adjacent plies for interfold wet wipes.
III. Tear-proof label applicator is available.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: 380V, 50HZ
2. Total power: 20KW
3. Suitable material: Spunlace non-woven fabrics, hot rolled non-woven fabrics
4. Material Specs: 40~80 g/m2
5. Singe sheet size(unfolded): (150~200)×(180~220) mm (L×W)
6. Single sheet size(folded): (150~200)×(90~110) mm (L×W)
7. Folded product size: (200~300)×(90~120)×(30~80) mm (L×W×H)
8. Folding speed: 2200~2800 pcs/min
9. Packing speed: 30~50 packs/min
10. Parent roll size: (1000~1500)×Ф(800~1200) mm (L×D)
11. Folding type: Z-fold (pop up or non pop up)
12. Counting method: Auto-counting, count setpoint change via touch screen
13. Finished wet wipes are conveyed on individual pinch rollers for stability.
14. Mixer for wetting system: dual mixer tank 400L×2
15. Control system: PLC control system, color touch screen
16. Machine size: 18600×3500×2200 mm (L×W×H)
17. Water tank size: 2000×1100×1900 mm (L×W×H)
18. Machine weight: 9700 kg

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