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Our Clients

As a professional hygienic paper products machinery manufacturer, Peixin keeps customer information strictly confidential. So, these purchase experiences listed below do not mention any of our client company names. We kindly ask the reader's indulgence.

1. The USA
In 2012, at an exhibition in Brazil, a famous American underpad producer was looking around among numerous paper machinery manufacturers across the world for a potential partner. After carefully comparing various suppliers present at the exhibit, they finally turned to Peixin, an experienced and professional manufacturer with a 30-year-long history of serving the hygienic products industry.

Then, they visited our factory for a few times and found that we are a full-service manufacturer with advanced CNC machining centers and we do the raw material sourcing, manufacturing and shipping in-house. During the visit, we took the time and effort necessary to under their needs and our engineers went to great lengths to achieve customer trust and satisfaction. Between 2012 and 2013, the American customer ordered 4 full servo bed underpad production lines from us in total. By keeping up with the advanced technologies learned from the AST company, we were able to keep customers updated on the latest bed pad manufacturing technologies. That is part of the reason why the American customer speaks highly us and keeps introducing new clients to us.

2. India
India customers make up the majority of our loyal client base. We've thus far shipped out countless toilet paper machines and napkin paper production lines to India. In 2011, we delivered a fully-auto sanitary napkin machine to a famous company in KERALA state, and in 2013, they purchased another one from us.

We also exported a fully auto underpad production line and a fully auto adult diaper production line to a customer from Delhi in 2011. Three years later, another company ordered a semi-servo baby diaper production line. In 2015, a famous Indian company turned to us after long-term inspections for a full servo adult diaper machine and a full servo rewinding machine. At the same year, another company also bought a semi-servo sanitary napkin machine from PEIXIN. Great news for us, those companies have maintained an excellent partnership with us till this day, and they keep recommending our products to their friends. With our business in India still on the rise, we decided to hold an exhibition in India every year. Meanwhile, we have a sales manager in our Indian office so our Indian friends can enjoy localized service.

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